MENTORESS Project is over as of August 30, 2019. As an end product of the project,  a syllabus on   “Gender Identity Management and Leadership in Maritime Professions” was prepared.  All the materials to give the course in an effective and productive way can be found on the MARPLAT portal. The portal can be reached at the following link:


The materials on the portal include "Gender Identity Management and Leadership in Maritime Professions" course content, consisting of eight chapters covering 14 weeks, powerpoint slides in parallel with the course content and case studies to support the material. Besides the material necessary for the implementation of the course, MENTORESS Project counselors from all partner countries can be reached through the addresses given at the websites of relevant institutions.

Contact information of the counselors from the Piri Reis University are given below:


Assoc. Prof. Taner Albayrak    

Assoc. Prof. Ergun Demirel       

Dr. Pınar Ozdemir                     

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